In 2003, His Highness Sheikh Saeed bin Zayed Al Nahyan had opened the Academy of Al Wahda football, this large and important edifice in the process of strengthening the basis of the club's youth sector, after the completion of the infrastructure of this huge project. This pilot project, benefiting more than 200 players, including 50 of our player within the national teams.

The Academy of Al Wahda Club "seeking to the correct construction of the football player, a slogan raised His Highness the President of the Club, which tracks the continuing work in the academic and always focuses on the development of the level difference by following the scientific method and scientific clearly stems from the strategic methodology of his ideas.

The academy has potential high level, because of the courts and installations, facilities and equipment and the latest model, in addition to private rooms for players academic, and offices for the administration and a medical unit integrated, galleries reception and conference hall press, sports and cultural.

The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) praised representatives on several occasions potential high club.

Begin selecting players for the Academy through a team scouts looking for talent, and his officials to choose 60 players only hundreds of players.

The Academy overseeing the development capabilities cultural and sporting the players and attention with their performances academic and nutrition sound, and provide them with comfortable accommodation and ways entertainment, according to schedule subject, and no social workers pursuing instances of players from all sides, and communicate with parents, and have players subsidies monthly along with incentives matches.

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