Foundation and publicity:

  • Establish the club back to the year 1966 where the current headquarters of the club on behalf of Al-Ahly (formerly), as well as (3) previous clubs (Al Wahda - peasant unit).

  • Year 1974 was merged clubs "Ahli and Al Falah" under the name Emirates Club (at Al Ahli - Club now) has been publicizing the new club number (37), is also integrated clubs "Al Wahda" in the name Club Abu Dhabi (the seat of Physical Education military now) .. Been publicizing the club number (1).

  • Year 1984 was merged clubs "Emirates and Abu Dhabi," under the name of Al Wahda (UAE headquarters earlier - the club now) .. Been publicizing the club number (37).
    Year 1993 has been changed all previous clubs Ahharrat to new figures and became No. publicity Club unit (14).


March of the club before the publicity:

- Was created (4) clubs in Abu Dhabi starting from the year 1966, namely:


  • Ahli Club in Abu Dhabi earlier in 1966 and was activities: Soccer, basketball, table, Aircraft, cultural affairs
  • The former Union Club in 1968, and was activities: foot, plane, table.
  • Former peasant Club in 1969, and was activities: Soccer, basketball, volleyball, table.
  • Al Wahda earlier in 1969, and was activities: foot, plane, table, cultural affairs.


- A decision the Minister of Youth and Sports (5) for the year 1974 on 13.03.1974 merging two clubs (Al Wahda) under the name of (Abu Dhabi) publicizing number (1) at the new "Physical Education Division
Of the Armed Forces. "As issued another decision on 03/06/1974 merging clubs (NCB in Abu Dhabi, and Al Falah) under the name (Emirates club) publicizing number (37) .... at the Al Ahli Club (formerly Al Wahda) ...
Been publicizing the two clubs. The Bnadaan activities: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Swimming, Table, Athletics, Cycling Club began unit.

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