Club march in achieving achievements

 13 May 1990 was a beautiful day to the fans of Al Wahda, when it was His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the club commissioned by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and then -

Was his clear desire to be the goal of the new phase, team building giant able to compete and achieve the aspirations of the sons of the club in the industry team championships. Which is what happened when the transfer of his club a quantum leap, where he focused on building a strong team is ready to compete for domestic titles, to be a solid base for foreign posts.

His Highness established the first School Football specializing in the Gulf region, and attracted the most efficient technical and medical devices and international stars, in order to benefit the future generation from the experiences of these competencies.

Not only the Prime club so, where a project athlete Baher a "starring international unit, which impressed the International Federation of Football, so the ratification of the Regulations and give formula World, opened prospects for the sons of the club for friction Palmdarch international football, and was Kptoulh global like the Club World Cup at the level beginners.

The first product of this successful project for Al Wahda players at the Emirates League title season 98/99, and was the beginning of the era of winning championships and the team turned to a competitor permanently on local tournaments, and continued achievements and the continued rise of players Al Wahda platforms titles.

Still ripe fruits, Here is the unit involved in the World Cup for clubs, 2010, vision of His Highness the President of the Club, and proved that access to global attention begins beginners.

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